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What is die casting?

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How are die casting products made?

  • Die casting company need to use casting equipment and metal molds to produce and process die castings. The manufacture of die-cast parts requires only four processes, so each product is relatively inexpensive to produce and is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized castings. As the metal melts at high temperatures, a die casting mold is used to shape the molten slurry. The die casting mold needs to be made of heat resistant steel and consists of two halves with a basin formed in the middle. The liquid molten slurry should be injected with a removable mold agent before being injected into the basin. The basin is filled with the molten slurry and the mold is fixed to the movable plate.The mold automatically locks the molten slurry under high pressure.
The difference between thehot chamber die casting method and the cold chamber die casting method
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Die Casting Products

  • custom die casting Products
  • Die casting is a kind of mechanical part that adopts pressure casting. The casting mold is installed with a pressure casting machine die casting machine, and then metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy is then heated to liquid state and poured into the inlet position of the die casting machine. Machine die-casting, casting a uniform size and quality of die-casting parts because the difference between the molds manufactured by the mold is very small, the manufactured copper, zinc, aluminum parts, or aluminum alloy parts are called die-casting parts. Die casting has different words in different places, such as die casting, die casting, aluminum die casting parts, zinc die casting, copper die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting parts, aluminum die casting parts Alloy casting, aluminum alloy die casting, etc.
Advantages of custom die casting

• The surface of the die-cast product is flatter

• Has a higher dimensional consistency

• High corrosion resistance

• High strength and hardness

• Efficient and economical

Support Services

• Zinc Die Casting、Zinc Alloy Die Casting

• Magnesium Casting

• Investment Casting

• Cold Forging、Hot Forging

• ECO BRASS C69300 Brass Forging


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